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Reverse the decision to close SSN

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Dear Friends

It must by now have come to your attention that SIM has decided to close SSN.

This unfortunate decision comes on the back of a misguided and opaque review process led by SIM's Service Quality department. The review concluded that shutting down SSN was the most appropriate course of action, given that "challenges were faced in the running of SSN which limited its effectiveness in achieving its vision and goals".

It strikes me as puzzling that an educational institution that prides itself on opening doors to opportunities has itself failed to recognise that development and growth requires time, and that challenges, while inevitable, are by no means insurmountable. (After all, would management simply say to itself "shut SIM down" just because of the many challenges it has yet to resolve?)

It is especially ironic that SIM's senior management, who had all these years portrayed a front of unwavering support for the values and goals of SSN, could in the course of a mere few months decide otherwise, indirectly sending a message that these values are no longer worth pursuing.

It is even more disconcerting that the decision was taken unilaterally, in spite of numerous attempts - both by me and other past and present members of SSN - to engage SIM's senior management to provide context and share solutions to some of said challenges.

Having observed these developments over the past few months, I can only conclude that shutting down SSN is little more than a deliberate means of diverting attention away from some of SIM's chronic inadequacies, many of which I had openly and on multiple occasions suggested as root causes to a number of challenges faced by members of SSN (and by SIM GE students in general).

In short, SSN has been made a scapegoat for problems much larger than SSN itself. We have all been made scapegoats.

In the coming weeks, I seek your support in endorsing a simple but important petition to rescind the decision to close SSN. More than being just about SSN, it is about whether management genuinely concerns itself with the development and well-being of the students who come through its doors, or whether oversized egos and backward organisational thinking are given free license to prevail.

I am under no illusions that many of you have long moved on from SIM, where SSN was but an insignificant and fleeting episode in your student life. At its worst, SSN may even have been the source of a great deal of emotional distress.

Regardless, I know that you will also recall some of the wonderful and often inexplicable moments of magic that emerged each time we got together. More importantly, I know there's still that little part of you that continues to believe in the reason why SSN was created in the first place, and that with some time and effort our juniors and juniors' juniors will get to benefit tremendously from its continued existence.

I certainly do.


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