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Sign: Stop Ripping Out Birds' Feathers for Carnival

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Brazil's Carnival is famous for its lavish costumes and floats decorated with colorful feathers. But behind the scenes lies extreme cruelty. To get those beautiful feathers, birds are subjected to horrendous pain.

Pheasants, geese, and ostriches are bred in cruel captivity solely to have their feathers plucked. During the plucking process, pheasants are held by their necks with their legs bound while the feathers are ripped out of their body. Ostriches are often put in tight wooden boxes while their feathers are torturously plucked out one by one.

This painful process feels similar to having large chunks of hair torn out, and the birds are not anesthetized so they feel every moment of agony. Afterwards, they're left out in the elements while they're bleeding, covered in sores, and completely traumatized.

Feathers from these birds play a huge part in Carnival. Approximately 19 tons of feathers are used in the main parades in Rio and Sao Paulo, at a price tag of $35 million. Because of the sheer volume, ending the use of feathers in Carnival could help put an end to the cruel live plucking trade as a whole.

Live plucking is torture for birds, and it’s completely unnecessary since there are plenty of cruelty free alternatives that look just as beautiful in a headdress or float. Sign this petition to tell the Brazilian ambassador to the United States that you do not want any more birds put through unimaginable pain for Carnival.

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