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NO!! to HB 1809.

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Supporters, Patrons, and Professionals of the Barber/Cosmetology Industry we are asking you to forego support of bill HB 1809. The bill as it currently reads is a catch all to include: 1) total elimination of the natural stylist license. 2) eliminates the apprenticeship program model approved in the State in 2016. 3) combine the cosmetology and barber license for licensees and schools. 4) remove the requirement for a high school diploma or equivalent to obtain a state issued license for cosmetology/barber; aesthetic; manicuring.

In response to some of the key items of Bill HB 1809,  we would like the following considerations given.

The natural hair license has been available in the state for more than 13 years. The availability of the program has not been widespread until the introduction of stand alone specialty schools in 2016. We have increased the licensees  from a total of 12 to more than 150 licensed natural stylists in the state. This increase happened with increased access to a program only in affect now for a little under 2 years and is a direct result of the introduction of the apprenticeship program and specialty stand alone schools. 

Proper training on analyzing scalp conditions, proper tension, and proper sanitation (just to identify a few) when providing any hair care service should not be a deregulated item. The goal is to protect the safety and welfare of the public. The fact that we are considering such to be of no importance by totally eliminating regulation shows ill disregard for public safety and a direct disregard with respect to cultural consideration and ethnicity as to the needs of textured hair. 

Essentially it is a direct attack on the interest and needs of ethnic hair textures and service providers who, in almost all cases, are African American in the state of Tennessee.

The apprenticeship model has provided an opportunity to move students quickly into the fast paced salon environment, obtaining needed hands-on experience to be successful in this business. To eliminate a thriving opportunity to move prepared students into economic self sufficiency would be taking our progress several steps in the wrong direction.

No high school diploma requirement for applicants of cosmetology/barber license; manicurist license; aesthetic license. However there is a requirement for an instructor to have both a high school diploma and a cosmetology/barber license. This will stifle itself as new licensees become eligible for instructor licenses if they must submit instructor license applications with proof of high school diploma or equivalent but were allowed to become licensed as a practitioner without such.

We are asking your support in saying NO to Bill HB 1809. 

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