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Sign: No Dolphin Prison in Mississippi!

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The Mississippi government plans to build a new aquarium in Gulfport that will house captive dolphins. This aquarium is being funded with money that is supposed to be used to restore areas destroyed by the BP oil spill. But instead of using these millions of dollars to rebuild dolphins’ native ecosystems, the government is using the money to trap the animals in miniscule enclosures.

Keeping dolphins in captivity is extremely cruel and often results in dolphins getting sick or even dying. Even in the best facilities, dolphins live in tanks that have less than 0.000001% of the space available to them in the wild, forcing them to swim around in circles aimlessly. The water in the shallow tanks also heats up unbearably in the summer, causing the dolphins’ sensitive skin to burn and blister.

There is very little stimulation in these tanks, causing these intelligent creatures great psychological distress. The depressed animals will sometimes self-mutilate by slamming themselves against the sides of their tanks. The boredom and stress often leads to psychotic behaviors, including violence against their tank mates. There have even been cases of dolphins attempting suicide to escape captivity.

Dolphins do not belong in aquarium tanks – they belong in the wild, where they have plenty of space to roam and many other dolphins to interact with. Sign this petition to urge the governor of Mississippi to keep captive dolphins out of Gulfport’s new aquarium!

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