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Justice for Dead Kitten Hurled from Moving Taxi

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A tiny kitten tragically died after being viciously hurled from the window of a taxi driving down the street in Dubai.  The helpless kitten fell onto the road, where it bounced twice before laying still.

A woman named Nisansala, who was driving next to the taxi, saw what happened and tried to rescue the weak and bleeding kitten.

“I was just just speaking with kids in the car when a taxi swerved from my right and passengers in the back seat rolled down the window and something flew out," she told 7Days news.

Sadly, the badly injured cat died on Nisansala’s lap on the way to a veterinarian’s office. When Nisansala reached the vet’s office, they said that were was nothing they could do.

“His mouth was wide open, his eyes were open and there was bloody froth coming out so I knew it was the end for the kitten," said Nisansala.

Heartbroken, Nisansala tried to file a report with the police. But she was told that because she had not gotten the taxi’s license plate number and there was no CCTV footage or other witnesses, the police could not investigate the incident. The killers of the innocent kitten would go free.

But there is still more that the police can do—they can investigate the scene of the crime, or they can ask other witnesses to come forward. The police are choosing to let these perpetrators of a heinous act of animal abuse go free. This poor kitten, who did nothing wrong, will not get justice.

Tell Dubai Police Chief Khamis Al-Mazeina that the death of this kitten must be investigated. Sign the petition and let the Dubai police department know that justice must be served for such malicious animal cruelty!

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