Sign: Free Elephant with Open Sores from 50 Years in Chains

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For half a century, Gajraj the elephant has been held captive at a temple in Maharashtra, India. His ankles have painful, open sores from the chains he has been shackled in for 50 years; until he is freed, these sores may never heal.

Gajraj has endured severe abuse during his imprisonment at the temple. The tips of his beautiful ivory tusks were brutally hacked off, leaving behind bloody stumps. This was done without permission of the forest conservator, despite the fact that such permission is required per the Indian Wildlife Protection Act.

"The chopping of his tusks is malicious — these are usually just made blunt to ensure safety," said People for Animals regional head, Manoj Oswal. "Plus, there is no clarity about who was responsible for it. Ivory is a much-valued commodity.”

The head veterinarian of PETA India, Dr Manilal Valliyate, inspected Gajraj and noted that his toenails were not being properly maintained, and he had injuries from standing on the hard, manmade ground.

After 50 years of cruel confinement, Gajraj has suffered more than enough. Please sign the petition to urge Indian officials to free this elephant from his chains at once and send him to a proper sanctuary.

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