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Shut down Roxborough Animal Hospital

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Stop allowing Dr. Kyu Son Yi to perform malpractice! Most people in the neighborhood of Roxborough thought this vet hospital was shut down a long time ago. Dr.Yi made front page of the local newspaper, The Review, for the first time in 1988, when he held a man named, Tom Talarico's, cat, Andrew, hostage for more money than the originally agreed upon amount. Yi even threatened to take Andrew to the SPCA, and threatened to charge more money everyday he held the cat. He made first page news for the second and third time, in 1998, after dragging a couple's dead german shepherd across the floor of the hospital and dropping it at the husband's feet, the couple didn't know of their dog, Mercedes', death before this. Yi was apparently treating the dog, for a stroke, but an autopsy at the University of Pennsylvania Animal Hospital determined the cause of death was internal bleeding from a tumor. The couple, Bob and Lori Liberatore, were not quiet about their heartbreak, which brought fifteen other people forward who had also lost pets at the hand of Yi, and got them their first front page article. They got a follow up article on the front page again, and many more who lost pets stepped forward after the articles were published. Nineteen years ago it was the Liberatore's goal to shut this hospital down, and sadly it still has not been made a reality. Yi made front page news a fourth time that same year, for cutting a rabbit, Dutch, open to determine its sex; the rabbit died shortly afterwards while still in his care. Yi blamed Dutch's death on vibrations and noise from nearby construction, which he claimed sent the rabbit into shock, but autopsy at Wissahickon Creek Veterinary Clinic determined cause of death was severe hemorrhaging around the incision. The owner, LuAnne Ashcom, was left heartbroken and confused. Why would a vet need to make an incision to determine an animal's sex? If you google Kyu Son Yi, the first thing to pop up is a court case against him for malpractice from 2008. The conditions of the hospital are completely unsanitary, and his only other staff member lives in a room in the middle of the hospital. The vet is still doing all the things from the news stories. Many people have recently stepped forward in the the comments section of a Roxoborough community Facebook group, giving testimonies, gathering all this information and more, and sharing in mutual confusion that this practice wasn't shut down about twenty years ago, and also prompting me, Susan Reimer, to make this petition.  PLEASE HELP SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN FOR REAL THIS TIME!

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