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Make Kidney Transplant procedures Hassle free

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Change: Organ Donation Law for India

For past 16 years, as a patient with Chronic Renal Failure, I survive because of dialysis. Dialysis is a good treatment when one does not have a donor.But let me tell you it’s extremely painful. People like me dependent on dialysis, is made redundant by our circumstance. We face a future of uncertainty and very often feel we are burden to the family. Kidney disease is not due to our negligence. So we see ourselves at a big disadvantage. We are unproductive, not taken into count for developing this wonderful country.Our physical and financial condition prevents us from using our faculties even for our benefit.

Every year, experts say almost 200,000 people are added with CKD. The experts also say there are 150-230 per million population with kidney disease. On an average expense incurred in a single dialysis session can cost up to Rs2000-3000, with time loss of almost 6 waking hours without wages.Government and Trust subsidized dialysis cost less but is available to people whose income falls below the poverty line, which is Rs 8000 pm. If we think of people in lower middle class families with sufficient income but suddenly they need to spend monthly Rs 24,000 on dialysis, how can we say people can manage to survive?

Transplant is a better option for us. First option is a donor from among family members, then relatives and then cadaver. In our country, organ donation from an unrelated donor is not allowed for reason that it could be with monetary compensation.

But with such stringent law cases of kidney racket is likely to emerge. Patients are desperate to survive. Family members may not be medically fit for transplant. For doing an incompatible blood group transplant, costs go up considerably. Legalizing unrelated donor transplants with monetary compensation would benefit both the patient and the donor.

The laws for transplant of human organs must be changed to accommodate urgent needs of kidney patients.

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