Show your support for Ben Kredich to live in an on-campus dorm!

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Hello, everyone! This is Miles, hoping you can take a minute to write in support of my twin brother, Ben, gaining the opportunity to live in a dorm on campus at the University of Tennessee this coming year. Ben is involved in all aspects of campus life during the college day as a student in the UT Future Program (and even past the program's 8am-4:30pm timeframe when he attends Vol Swim Club evening practices). Ben is enrolled in regular UT courses each semester (Geography, Poli Sci, and History of Rock & Roll, for example) and takes the Future Program courses such as Digital Literacy and Career & Life Planning. UT Future students pay full tuition, all student fees, plus $5000 more per year for the extra support of Future classes and internship organization each semester. Our family is thrilled with Ben's success at UT and other skills such as independently taking public transportation to school each day, negotiating his way around campus, keeping up on his coursework / taking final exams, and working at the Athletic Department's UT Print Shop for his internship last year. After my own freshman year of college at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I see very clearly how much we students learn about ourselves when we make the transition from home to a college dorm setting. For Ben, this is absolutely something he is ready to do and needs to do to take his independence and social well-being to the next level, given the ADA accommodations of a private room and separate entrance which are available to students with disabilities who apply for supports in college. Everyone I know who knows Ben has learned from him, and I think he is a huge asset to the UT campus community. I hope you will sign your name and even write a brief comment about Ben and the importance of his receiving the opportunity to live on-campus at UT to show the amazing circle of support from fellow students, longtime friends, family members, teachers - everyone in Ben's life! Thanks so much, -Miles Kredich