Get condoms to be distributed through the Shorewood HS nurse

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There is a health crisis facing our high school, and yet social stigma prevents many conversations on solutions from ever starting.

Here's the context: according to the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey, about 50% of Washington State seniors are sexually active. However, 15% of these seniors don't use any kind of protection at all while having sex, while an even greater 22% of 10th graders don't, either. Our own polls indicate that nearly 60% of Shorewood students say they would personally benefit from the simple solution: distributing condoms through our school's nurse, just as Seattle Public Schools already does.

These health trends, coupled with the reality that nearly a third of our student body is economically disadvantaged (qualifying for free or reduced lunch), led us to conclude that for many students, practicing safe sex is not a matter of choice but instead economic class. Our solution is simple, and ICHS, a local clinic, has already said they would donate condoms to our school to be distributed to those who need them. After speaking many times with our principal, the school board, and several other school district administrators, we’ve come to a bit of a dead end--possibly out of fear of community backlash. However, we see this as an amazing opportunity for our administration to further their dedication to creating a learning environment where students can focus on being students, not worrying about pregnancy or STDs.

We ask you to join us in showing these administrators that there is indeed overwhelming support for our cause--from students, staff, parents, and members of our community. We invite you to help countless Shorewood students by signing this petition, which we will present to our principal and school board.