Terminate White Dolls in Black communities

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White Dolls presented to Black babies continuously have for years, psychologically remote controlled Black babies to be intimate with White people more than they do with their own Black people because the mental programming executed by the relationship the Black baby has with these toys is of paramount importance and cannot be ignored. The doctrine of inferiority upon Black people was not born with them (Black people), but they are taught very early in life to submit to and honour White People more than they do with their own Black people and different devices have been used to make this possible with the White Doll genealogy being the most respected toy by black babies making it possible for Black children to grow up with the inferiority complex upon Whites.

Today, 22 years after the constitutionally acclaimed deptocracy and equality, the majority of “Baby Dolls” produced in this Country as present in every major supermarket are “white Baby Dolls” whereas the Majority of people in this country are black people. And because of their historical credence, “White Baby Dolls” have outplayed Black  Baby Dolls even in the Black community since White Dolls are present in every corner and probably in most Black Families and this in essence perpetuates the continued doctrine of white Supremacy devised in its visibility in the Black community. Our independent appeal in this regard therefore is; all White Baby Dolls should be humbly and completely removed from shops operating in Black communities and the Black Baby Doll production should be endorsed to flourish and fill these shops because the “Doll Technique” overwhelmly has achieved a remarkable and ultimate end for so many years and we believe time’s up for Indoctrination, Mis-education, Dehumanisation and psychological remote control.


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