Remove Gossip & Tabloid Magazines from our checkouts!

Remove Gossip & Tabloid Magazines from our checkouts!

October 20, 2014
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Started by Sarah Robinson

As children, we are taught that the adults within our communities are our leaders. We look to them to teach us the way and show us by example the best ways to live a healthy and prosperous life.  

If you believe this, then you no doubt believe that it is also our responsibility to not only say this, but to also act on this truth.  We need to protect our children from the things in their environments which are not conducive to building strong individuals, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Why then, is it that we find gossip and tabloid magazines within our grocery stores lined along every check out?  At the very source where we seek sustenance for our bodies, we are fed negative and degrading mental images and messages about other human beings. How can we campaign for our children to stop bullying within our schools, when at every trip to the grocery store, they see their adult leaders bullying other adults and feeding into the cycle in the form of a paperback?

I understand the way the world is, and that this guilty pleasure is a large source of income for many individuals.  However, I ask that these images and negative statements be shielded from the eyes of innocent children and from those who do not wish to divulge in such things.  I ask that these magazines be removed from our checkouts and concealed in much the same way adult pornographic materials often are; down an aisle within the literature section, where those who wish to find them can, and those who do not want or need to see them are not subjected to on a near daily basis.

I send this request out of sincere concern for our younger generations and our society as a whole.  We can be better than this, we are better than this!


Instead, why don't we show off magazines with positive messages?  Perhaps, ones which showcase environmental achievements, or amazing DIY projects? I'd even love to see local magazines or newspapers in their place.  Let's celebrate our local heroes!

These of course, are just a few ideas, but I think the point of it all is that we know what we put into our bodies as food, whether physical or mental, has an effect.  We chose to cover up cigarettes within our stores because we do not need to influence anyone who is not already thinking of smoking, to smoke.  We need to move or cover up tabloid and gossip magazines, so that we do not influence those who are not already hateful, to hate.

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This petition had 37 supporters

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