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Picking the Best Shoes

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Picking the Best Shoes

The shoes you wear can have a massive impact on your health. Not only will they affect the way you walk but this can also impact on your comfort and concentration throughout the day. Then there’s the way that your shoes impact on your posture, which can in turn lead to knee complaints, back pain and a range of other problems.
But it seems that the shoe industry just doesn’t care about that. Rather than helping us with picking the best shoes, we are constantly being sold impractical heels, shoes with massive platforms and tight brogues that cramp our feet. This is damaging our health and no one seems to care about it at all!
So this is a petition to try and change that. Stand up and be heard – shoe companies have a responsibility to make shoes that are good for our health and that take our posture into account!  Visit for more.
That doesn’t mean that women can’t wear attractive heals anymore. Far from it in fact: the right shoes can look just as attractive while making concessions to human anatomy. It’s not a lot to ask and it’s a very important cause – especially if you have a young daughter.
So get involved and let’s make a change!
It’s time we put our feet down…

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