Save Perth Hills. Stop high density in Stoneville.

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Land developer Satterley plans to populate one of Australia’s highest fire risk zones, at Stoneville in Western Australia’s Mundaring Shire, with 1,450 homes and 4000+ residents.

The plan is a potential fire trap for thousands of people.

There’s a serious lack of information about contingencies and response to the proven catastrophic fire risks.

Stoneville has suffered devastating blazes over recent years. Deliberately luring 4000+ new residents to a high-density suburban-style development, in an extreme rural fire zone, is madness.

Our community is concerned and fearful about the dangers of densely urbanising our Perth Hills’ environment.

Sign our petition to stop dangerous high-density development, and help us to achieve Sustainable, Sensible and Safe local development that complements the Perth Hills’ lifestyle.

 Key Points:

  • Satterley’s North Stoneville Townsite is a suburban-style high-density development featuring ‘townhouses and homes’ - some less than 300 sqm, on ‘tight, narrow streets and laneways’, in a proven catastrophic bushfire zone.
  • Mundaring Shire is Australia’s 5th highest fire-risk local government area.
  • This proposal sets a dangerous precedent for high density and potentially deadly developments in the beautiful but hostile Perth Hills.