Save Honey the Dolphin and 46 Humboldt penguins

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Honey the dolphin and dozens of penguins have been abandoned in a derelict aquarium in Japan since the start of the year. Activists are calling for the marine life to be saved.

Animal rights campaigners have warned that the marine animals could die if they are not rescued from the Inubosaki marine park aquarium in the Pacific coastal town of Choshi north-east of Tokyo.

The plight of Honey, a female bottlenose dolphin, as well as scores of Humboldt penguins and hundreds of fish and reptiles, has triggered outrage following reports that they were abandoned when the facility closed seven months ago.

The authorities in Japan and previous owners of the facility are hiding behind laws which apparently restrict the ability of 3rd parties to go in and help the creatures.  They need to be urgently relocated especially Honey who is increasingly looking depressed and stressed.  Let's petition the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, and ask him to personally get involved to relocate them.