Japan to cease commercial whaling and rejoin IWC

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Please sign this petition to Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe to ask that his country reconsider its decision to withdraw from the IWC in 2019 and cease commercial whaling. 

Whaling by harpoon is an horrific method of catching and killing Whales, which are highly intelligent mammals.

While it's true that numbers of certain Whale species have recovered since the IWC moratorium in 1986; replenished stock shouldn't mean the resumption of commercial whaling.  

Whale meat is considered a delicacy in Japan but is eaten by fewer and fewer people who live there. 

The message to Mr Abe:

It is with regret I read about Japan's decision to both leave the IWC and resume commercial whaling in 2019.

Whales are an important part of oceanic ecosystems all over the world and should be observed with wonder, not harpooned with impunity. 

I hereby register my objection to Japan's whaling policy.

In protest I will not visit Japan, purchase Japanese goods of any kind and will dissuade others from doing so until Japan ceases commercial whaling and rejoins the IWC.