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I am 11 years old and have always been in love with marine life, always looking for new info about cool species. One day, my dad showed me a video about a ship from Sea Shepherd (a conversation organisation that is helping to protect our seas) is ramming a Japanese ship. So, being that kind of guy, I asked why the Japanese ship was so bad.
His answer brought horror to my view of the peaceful seas.

This whaling ship was letting out predator's echolocation to pressure all kinds of Cetaceans. (dolphins, whales and porpoises) into the cove.

As it turns out, Every year, the Taiji locals set out to kill and capture 20,000 dolphins, small whales, and porpoises, take the pretty ones from their families and ship them off to a zoo where they will spend their life in slavery. Trapped in the blood-polluted cove of Taiji, captured by the fake predator calls being emitted from the ships surrounded around the cove, blocking any escape; pushing them towards the place that they would be harpooned, stabbed, and taken away, left to drown, or die of blood loss.

This is a well paying job. Though the japanese claim it to be tradition, The hunters make about 32,000 USD per dolphin! Taiji’s zoo, with about 7 meter cages per a dolphin can sell a trained dolphin for 250,000 USD! They also falsely sell their meat as whale meat. This meat contains millions of microplastics passed up through  the food chain.

Amazingly, so far, most of the cetaceans being killed aren't even on the endangered list. I have watched many movies and read many books about marine life and endangered animals. I have dined at places that serve parts endangered species; and even seen shark fin soup flavored pretz. The world is going downhill and many organisations like Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd are helping, but most are just raising awareness. How is this happening? Well, for the pacific white sided dolphin, the reason that it is being kept alive is because there are so many and they are distributed around almost all of the pacific.

Also, the Pacific Bottlenose dolphin’s population is well over half a million, though, according to All About WildLife.org, “they do face some threats as a species, and if you ask the question “Are bottlenose dolphins endangered?” 20 years from now, the answer might well be different.”

Risso’s dolphins are the least affected by the taiji slaughter, because they are, like the pacific white sided dolphin, so spread out and rarely get trapped in the bloody cove.

Unfortunately, False killer whales, are marked endangered, and is currently being protected by the endangered species act. They are mainly being hunted accidentally by hawaiians.  

Short-finned pilot whale population is about 200,000, but the long- finned, about a million.

The taiji hunt is impacting these animals by a lot.  ARKIVE.org says; “This species is also directly targeted by fisheries in Japan, the Caribbean and the Philippines. The largest numbers of short-finned pilot whales are taken off the coast of Taiji, Japan”

This is a grave wrongdoing, and it must be stopped. Donate money to  organizations like Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd or The Dodo to help tell others about this to finally expose this horrific act.