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Remake Zelda II The Adventure of Link

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I think it's about time that the black sheep of the Zelda series finally got a remake. I find it pretty amazing that both Metroid and Fire Emblems second installment games got a remake. Specifically looking at Fire Emblem Gaiden (Fire Emblem 2) which was also the black sheep of it's series got it's own remake so how come Zelda 2 can't? The Fire Emblem fans gave the Fire Emblem remake love with open arms so how come the Zelda community can't do the same? Heck it's debated if FE Gaiden was worse than Zelda 2. In all honesty I think Zelda fans mainly have to let go of the past and give a remake of this game a chance to shine like the Fire Emblem community did with Gaiden's remake. I believe this game has a lot of potential and it would give Miyamoto the power to add more to the game like he originally wanted to. It would be great to travel around hyrule in a 2.5D/3D setting in the overworld, The cutscenes would be amazing as well and can even get some back story of why the towns in the game were named after OoT's sages. Maybe even the Master Sword will be revealed somewhere in the woods to match up to Zelda games before it in the timeline, unless they remake Zelda 1 first and the find the Master Sword in the lost woods there but will need all the heart containers to obtain it. If not it would be fitting to find it somewhere in the woods in Zelda 2. I mainly think a cutscene of what happened during Princess Zelda I's time (before the events of Zelda 1) and Impa showing Link where Princess Zelda I is sleeping would be amazing. The palaces willl most likely have a better vibe to it including the climate of both the palaces and towns in Hyrule. Hopefully we can actually get a glimpse of what Hyrule Castle looks like during this game seeing how they never appeared in Zelda 1 and 2. I truly think it's time we got a Zelda 2 remake and it let it fix it's flaws it had. Hopefully keeping some of the difficulty it had but improving the sword length to something more appropriate for attacking and probably making more extra life dolls and maybe even shops for extra clues that could be added to the game. I hope you all can support this petition and hopefully Nintendo will remake Zelda 2 AoL one day.

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