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Save Haskin & West End Park ​& Stop San Antonio Destroying Parks with Google Fiber Huts.

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We are calling on the San Antonio City Manager, Parks & Recreation Director & City Council to Stop allowing Google to fence off Public Parkland and install ugly industrial buildings-Google Fiber Huts.

Google failed to apply for and hold public hearings mandated by State Parks & Wildlife Code, Zoning and Historic Preservation Rules and in direct violation of these laws the City permitted Google to install Huts in Haskin Park and West End Park.

We demand that the City of San Antonio Enforce the Rules and Require Google to Immediately:

  • Remove the Fiber Huts & Restore Haskin Park & West End Park.
  • Cancel Fiber Hut plans for 3 single family lots including one in the Historic Mission San Jose neighborhood.
  • Cancel Fiber Hut plans for 3 more parks- Highland Park, Kennedy Park & Gilbert Garza Park.
  • Follow all the Rules for other Fiber Hut installations.

Today: is counting on you needs your help with “Sheryl Sculley: Save Our Parks from Destruction by Google Fiber Huts”. Join and 137 supporters today.