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Look Into The Welfare Of The Animals @ My Young & Old Fur Babies Rescue

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We the citizens of Ohio do request that someone oversee and look into the sick and neglected animals  at My Young & Old Fur Babies Rescue located at 40275 State Route 255
Woodsfield OH 43793 ran by President & Founder Vicki Wehr Groves. We request someone other than Ronda Piatt because we do not trust it will be unbiased as she and Groves has a long standing friendship an "working" relationship. 

Groves adopted out two very sick boxer puppies recently and when the families tried to talk to Groves she involved the Monroe County Sheriff Department and they called the families and told them that she was seeking a cease & desist once they made things public on her page and rescue page on

The families then went to the news as  distemper which is what killed one puppy and what the other puppy is still fighting to survive from is extremely contagious and there were many pups adopted that day as well as exposed to this horrible disease. 

The backlash to the news station was horrible Groves called for friends and adopters to back her up. The news station was threatened and bombarded with threats of a lawsuit.

The news station was also bombarded with other horrible stories coming in from many others that had a run in with this shelter/rescue. Many have stories of sick, neglected animals.  The news station is hesitant on running another story for fear of threats again. 

As you know "Goddard's Law" recently passed in the state of Ohio which makes this type of neglect a felony. 

Not only did these two pups have distemper but cociada & pneumonia. There is also a pup there currently that just had Parvo.

She charged $550. cash for these two sick pups and did not give a receipt. Neither adopter received vetting papers or a copy of adoption papers. Our concern is all this cash being reported to the IRS.

Groves is also know to take in animals we recently were told that is not hers with no authorization from the people looking for their dogs. In the state of Ohio canines are considered property and you must have a release form. This is theft in the state of Ohio.

We ask that a full investigation is done besides what was reported to Ronda Piatt that works with Groves and we ask that you take this seriously.

As many animal lovers, activists and rescue organizations local and all over the world is watching.

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