Fire Mike Grunig from Hyde Park Ut employment

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Mike Grunig has a history of bullying and getting away with things “ordinary citizens” could never get away with. This was made abundantly clear when he pulled a gun on his fellow employees and, despite the mayor wishing he could be demoted or his pay suspended, he gets nothing but a six day suspension. Grunig’s fate was decided by the council members, all of which are his good friends and one is his son-in-law. 

This has forced the two employees that have been his target (literally and figuratively) to leave their jobs for fear of retaliation. Could you imagine going back to work after your boss pulled a gun on you?

The number one rule in gun-ownership is only aim a gun at something you intend to shoot. While Grunig may have thought this was just a joke, no one thinks it’s funny. The only people on Mike Grunig’s side are those people on the city council that are allowing him to stay. 

We are demanding that Mike Grunig be fired from his job at Hyde Park city immediately with no further pay. 

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