Train Sheltered Pitbulls

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I want to petition to have pitbulls in shelters who aren’t terminally ill, or dying to be turned over so these animals can earn their nanny title back, as well as having a second chance at a well deserved love filled life. After all that is all any dog wants. Pitbulls are loyal and protective to the people they trust most, and to the ones they love most. If these dogs’ brains are trained to be a positive part of society such as police dogs in narcotic units because they are highly intelligent and fast, as well as service animals for veterans AS WELL AS psychiatric service animals to those who are not veterans, but still have a mental disability affecting their day to day life. I feel that this will not only help the police lower crimes and have more dogs in their forces, but these dogs can help people who really need the help despite the small amount of resources available today.