Say 'NO' to scrapping Tullimbar Town Centre

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This is a community request for your help to save the Tullimbar Town Centre from being scrapped.

The new developers have lodged a DA that removes the retail/commercial element of what should be OUR TOWN CENTRE. A walkable, retail district to support the COMMUNITY LIFESTYLE we all bought into years ago. This DA means:

  • No Town Centre. No town hall, clock tower, chapel, medical centre, cafes, gymnasium, community centre, pool etc.
  • No commercial/ retail node at all for local residents. The new developers have applied for residential zone only.
    The Town Centre lot will be carved up into small blocks for maximum sale value. High-density terrace housing will lead all the way up to and around the school, as well as rely on current school parking zones for residential parking
  • The Tullimbar Building Guidelines may be overlooked! Which means beautiful Broughton Avenue could be ruined by a blight of cheap, narrow project homes leading up to the school from Broughton Ave.
  • Economic Impact. This DA would impact on housing prices. Research indicates that residential properties nearby commercial facilities can be up to 10% higher valued than properties further afield.
  • No continued economic activity for our community members. Our community would benefit from nearby sustainable employment that would benefit generations to come.

Effectively Tullimbar Village will have lost the walkability element and access to the promised commerce, services, infrastructure and lifestyle we bought into. EVERYONE LOSES! Even though we all sacrificed on residential living space, and narrow streets, to be nearby and in walking distance to this promised Town Centre. This is devastating for our close-knitted and spirited community. Let’s not take this lying down! 

We thank you for all your support as we work hard to keep the Tullimbar community alive!


Tullimbar Town Centre Action Group