Reopen Hastings pier

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Hastings pier has been closed over the Christmas week, without any explanation or comment. 

On 29th December Hastings pier announced that it would remain closed until March 2019!

According to the statement on Facebook, the pier will be closed 'to allow time for essential repairs and improvements to be carried out.'

This is hard to believe, as currently there is a legal Case against Hastings Lions Pier Ltd by the former pier engineers, who have accused owner Sheikh Abid Gulzar of 'refusing to pay for safety inspections or for new materials to maintain the structural integrity of the Pier.'

The people of Hastings rebuilt the award winning pier, after years of decay. Then were denied the right to keep ownership of it, when it went into administration despite raising £477,000. Instead it was sold to Abid Gulzar for £100,000. The pier has since been recognised as an asset of community value. 

Unless Hastings Lions Pier Ltd explain exactly what work will be done to our pier in the next three months, the pier should be reopened immediately!