Sheffield Wednesday to reverse their decision regarding BBC Radio Sheffield commentaries

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On 3rd August 2018 Sheffield Wednesday FC announced that the decades long arrangement for the BBC to cover games live on local radio station Radio Sheffield would come to an end.

The club explained that the decision had been made because the fees the BBC were willing to offer to continue the service had dropped by 10%.

Of the 62 clubs whose deal was up for renewal, Sheffield Wednesday was the only one to reject the new terms.

While it is clear that the club want to make a stand regarding the 10% reduction in fees, and that the club is trying to do more to meet Profit & Sustainability guidlines (the club has reacted by suggesting fans instead subscribe to its own iFollow service for £4.49 a month), the severance of the deal for BBC Radio Sheffield to cover games live comes as a huge blow to a large portion of the Wednesday family.

Many older fans unfamiliar with the internet will not be able to make the switch to iFollow, nor will those who have already committed so much to the club financially in recent years.

Financially this decision may make sense and save the club thousands of pounds, but is that worth the negative ramifications on the Wednesday fanbase? Or the negative PR received?

We urge the club to reverse this decision and let the BBC continue covering Wednesday's away games live on Radio Sheffield.