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Sheffield City Council, Changes needed to how they treat people !!

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The start of this was when my father passed away Jan 2015, my oldest brother became my mothers main carer, but not before they made my mother change the rent book in to just her name, in exchange for helping her with the odd things that she needed. In April 2016 my Mother passed away leaving my oldest brother in the house that my mother had for 32 years. In a matter of a couple of wks of her passing he was told he had to leave, but not before they came and took 30+ yrs of her belongings out without my brothers permission before she passed,  he was being evicted, but yet still had to pay her rent, even though they said he would be put on priority for housing as they wanted the house, he wasn't, he bid for properties, and was refused even though he was the only bidder, there excuse was it was need for someone in more needy, he was being told to leave, how needy must you be. They offered him a flat, if you could call it that, in-humaine living for anyone, when he refused to take it , he was told he was on his own. We have lost both of our parents in two years, this is going to be the hardest year for us all, but more so for him, as he is still in limbo at the house, until the council decide to offer him a place that is suitable for humans to live in.

This is my brothers statement, if he gets the chance to read it, and the only way he can do that is with signatures, so I am begging for your help.

" My name is Francis O Shaughnessy. I’m 45 and I am officially recognised as homeless by the Sheffield City Council.

This is due to the fact that my parents have passed away and I am told I cannot take over the property due to it having a succession on it. It is said that a succession can only happen once during any one tenancy but I do honestly wonder what the Sheffield City Council class as a sucession.

For many years I have looked after my parents at their home and in January 2015 my Dad passed away. Quite sometime after Dad died my Mum got her housing benefit stopped without reason and it was only after calling the housing office that she found out why. It was simply because Dad’s name was still on the tenancy along with Mum’s and they said that she HAD to get the house solely transferred into her name in order to get her housing benefit re-instated. She eventually got the house put in her name only and after quite a lenghty period she eventually got her housing benefit back.

The Sheffield City Council call the transfer of names on the tenancy a SUCCESION but in my own personal opinion the only thing that happened was that Dad’s name was removed from the tenancy and that’s all.

As for calling this a simple succession I, MYSELF, have to call this a FORCED SUCESSION. This was forced upon my Mum. A little old lady who was 62 at the time and very ill. I was the one who had to watch the tears in her eyes as she cried wondering why that was happening to her and NO ONE from the Council ever sat down with her to explain things to her … ever.

Dad had gone and Mum took his passing very badly and for the best part of my time I was looking after Mum as much as I could.

In September 2015 my Mum was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer and in April this year she passed away at her home.

Both my parents are gone now and this will be my first Christmas without them and where as most people will be looking forward to Christmas this year I won’t be.

As if the pain of losing them isn’t hard enough to deal with I’m struggling to find alternative accommodation because the Council say I can’t take over Mum and Dad’s home but yet the Council are making it as difficult as possible for me to find anywhere else to live.

I have been placed in Category ‘C’ under the sub-heading ‘ Homeless or threatened with homelessness ‘ and so you think that this alone would be enough to grant me priority over bidding for properties on the Sheffield Property Shop but I can tell you quite honestly … IT DOESN’T.

To the Sheffield City Council I am just a number on a piece of paper and that is all I will ever be to them. I have to say openly that they do not care about my life. They only care about getting the house back that belonged to my Mum and Dad for 35 years… even if it means forcing me onto the street or into some place that’s not worthy of being called liveable.

The Council have secured the property through the SUCCESSION and made sure I can’t take it over.

I guess they figured that with Dad’s passing it wouldn’t be long before Mum was somewhere behind him and so the council just wanted the house back in their hands … and what they did to Mum was unjustified and sick and I think it’s only fair that someone should step forward and explain why this happened to her.

At the present time I am still looking for alternative accommodation but, as I previously mentioned, the Council are making it very difficult for me to find anywhere… DESPITE MY RECOGNITION OF BEING HOMELESS.

At some point they ARE going to want me to LEAVE this property whether I have found anywhere else or not and so I ask the Council this…

Are you really going to force me into the street? Are you really going to do that?

They can only try because … I WILL .. do whatever it takes to fight them on this and I will use every resource I can get my hands on to fight them with.

When most people look at the homeless on the streets they are regarded as TRAMPS and DRUNKS and are not really recognised as human beings. Whatever they had of a life has gone and what remains is their need to survive in a society that doesn’t want people like that in their sights. It’s a sad reality but it’s true and I DO live with some fear within me that this could happen to me.

If it does then my life is over… I will lose everything I have and I will be made homeless… courtesy of the Sheffield City Council.

It comes across to me ever so clearly that a good shake up of the Sheffield City Council is needed because it seems as though they are more than happy to treat people however they without having any regards to how it affects those individuals and yet their rules seem to be quite flexible when THEY want them to be which makes me think that someone should sit and watch over their shoulders and MAKE SURE they are following the rules and doing what they are supposed to be doing because if the Sheffield City Council can get away with treating my Mum the way they did and treating me this way then they can do it to anyone else.

I am uncertain of what the future holds for me right now…If I have a future at all but I can tell you that the day I leave this place will be the hardest day I will ever have to deal with as I will be closing the door to a house that for me was my home for a great many years.

I’m not asking for a place that resembles the ritz, or a mansion. Far from it.

I’m just want a place I can call a HOME, a place that will allow me to move forward with my life. That’s all anyone could ever wish for in my position.

The day I leave here I will be leaving thinking about the last Christmas Mum and I had together. We got through it together and our thoughts of Dad were always with us… and now… they are both gone and Christmas will never be the same again.

My struggle goes on and the pain that I carry for the loss of my parents I will always carry with me.

People can take from this what they will but every word I have put here has been put for a reason and they are simply to make people stand up and take notice of what they are doing to my life and what they did to my Mum.

For what they did to her was unjustified and wrong and the way I’m being treated by Sheffield City Council is equally as wrong.

I am a human being not a number … please treat me as such.

Francis O Shaughnessy "

As someone who has been on the other end of the councils in-humaine ways, regardless of peoples feelings, situation, frame of mind or even what there actions will do to people,  they continue to do it, helping people that are not even on that level of requirement, and ignoring the people that need help on so many levels, they need to change how they grade situations .

This petition if and when signed is being presented to the town hall by my brother on Wednesday the 7th, he wants the council to see how they treat people, and how they should start, they are people not just numbers on paper.

We need your help, if you live in south Yorkshire, and have ever had problems with council or know anyone who has, then please sign and pass on, it would be much appreciated, thankyou in advance

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