Stop meadowgreen health centre moving into jordanthorpe health centre.

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  • This is the only GP practice in lowedges
  • Jordanthorpe surgery is not in walking distance for the elderly, those with disabilities or chronic health conditions.
  • the public transport mentioned is one bus an hour and barely touches lowedges, mainly greenhill, so you are isolating patients there.
  • The local economy may suffer as opposite the doctors at lowedges is a chemist and shops.  If the doctors shuts there, then there will be little passing trade and it's likely that once in the  jordanthorpe building you are likely to be asked to use the lloyds chemist there.
  • I know it says the practices aren't merging but in the future I can't see them sharing the same building and running it as two separate practices.  So I can see them eventually cutting down on staff.

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