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Ease traffic and parking problems at Lound Junior School

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Adding double yellow lines along the brow of Loundside hill will significantly reduce the danger posed to pedestrians, which is caused by parking cars.

We are also calling for the installation of a pelican crossing outside of school as the nearest safe crossings are over a mile apart.

A significant number of parents and residents believe that the issue of traffic at Lound Junior school, on Loundside is simply an accident waiting to happen.

The school is situated on the brow of a steep hill, which is a popular driving route for commuters. The gradient of the hill causes visibility problems for anybody trying to cross the road safely as there is no clear view. Cars are often driving over the speed limit. Part of the reason for this is that the road is, perceptively, a "clear stretch", with no crossings or traffic lights for over a mile. During peak school pick up times, parents and carers are able to park on the brow of this hill which further reduces visibility of anybody trying to cross; effectively forcing pedestrians to lean into the road to get any kind of view of oncoming traffic.

At peak times, inconsiderate parking  and fast-flowing traffic combine and this places our children and adults in danger. Several of our parents and children have been involved in "near misses" as a result of the actions of drivers. There have already been collisions outside of the school gates; thankfully these have been minor prangs, but how long before there is a serious accident or fatality on this busy stretch of road?

The school have sent several letters to parents, reminding them to park considerately. We are also working with the local PCSO's who have been distributing tickets. Unfortunately the problem persists - much to the annoyance of the vast majority of our parents.


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