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Legend of Dragoon (Reboot), Dark Cloud 3, Legend of Legaia (Remake)

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The PlayStation 4 has enjoyed quite the success story! With the revival of many great series such as Crash Bandicoot, Medievil, and Shadow of Colossus, Sony has shown us what they have to offer in the nostalgia department. Now it is our time to show Sony what we want! The concept of this petition is simple, we want more of our childhood favorite JRPGs. Dark Cloud, Legend of Dragoon, and the extremely underrated Legend of Legaia are the main focus of this petition.

The Dark Cloud series still holds a special place in many hearts today. Many people still believe Dark Cloud is one of the best series ever made. My personal favorite being Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle). Level 5 actually wants to make Dark Cloud 3 but it is up to Sony to cooperate as they own the IP rights. (Source:

The legend of dragoon had a sequel in the works but was later revealed to be cancelled by Sony themselves. This series in my eyes had so much potential and could be something really special with a reboot! (Source: ).

Legend of Legaia had an amazing first installment. A game to this day that is completely under appreciated! Although the game had enough success to spawn a sequel, the sequel didn’t really meet expectations and failed.

Sony seems to not believe in these IPs anymore! This campaign is to raise awareness that these games haven't been forgotten, that these IP's are worth believing in! What we're asking for is to remake the first Legend of Legaia, reboot The Legend of Dragoon, and make another installment of Dark Cloud. Give these IPs another shot at making the Playstation brand shine!

I feel petitions do work but we have to hit a huge milestone to get noticed. If we were to hit to hit a huge milestone, there is no way Sony can deny the demand for these games. Lets join together and fight for some extraordinary RPGs! If we can get Bandai Namco to localize digimon games again due to a petition or Square Enix to finally listen and fully remake Final Fantasy 7. I feel like we can make something truly special happen. Share this with as many people as you possibly can please! We need more awesome rpgs on the PlayStation 4! :)



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