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Roll Back on GST on Cochlear Implants and Accessories

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I have a 7 year old daughter born deaf and have had her implanted at the age of 1 year and 3 months. As you are aware of the cost being almost 22 lac for bilateral implants and thereafter cost of therapy at 600 per session into over two years twice weekly. All borne by the parent of the disabled child. We get no assistance from the government just for being middle class citizens of this country and pay regular tax. As this is not the final cost we pay ,after borrowing money to make up the cost of surgery and therapy we also have a recurring cost of maintaining amounts to around a lac per annum.

 Now with the move of GST on all commodities it makes it hard on us parents with children with such needs. It’s not a luxury sir; it’s my Childs birth right to hear like any normal human being. Why should I be charged tax on a medical necessity? When I get no assistance from your government or no rebate on on her school fees or expenses?

I humbly request you to roll back GST on medical good as they are not a luxury they are a necessity.


Sharon Alex


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