Please save these dogs from a fate worse than hell

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I regard myself as an animal defender. That's what I do. That's who I am.
I am choosing not to reply to all the silly, contemptuous, ignorant comments being bandied about on FB. There are way too many people who have witnessed various forms of neglect and cruelty first hand, It would be absolutely nonsensical for people to make the allegations up. Why would they?



Woofles......”an apparent rescue centre”

I had a home once,
I had a family.....
I don't know what happened,
How did I end up here? Confused, frightened and alone.....
I thought I was going for a walk, I was so excited,
jumped in the car and off we go!!
Everybody is quiet, my mum is crying,
What's going on?
'Hang on, where are you going?
don't leave me
Come back!!! Come back!!
How I screamed and yelled,
Calling my family back to me.
They walked away. They didn't look back at me.
They were gone.
I still called to them as they drove away.
I was yanked off my feet.
I was dragged.
I sunk my toes into the mud.
I wasnt going.
I was kicked and I was punched.
It hurt me.
I was dragged across the floor and thrown into a place.
It was cold. The floor was wet. There was a plastic bed.
No blanket.
I'm terrified. I'm alone. There is no one.
A long night indeed. I didnt sleep. I cried all night.
I need to pee!! oh my goodness I'm busting!!
I always bark when I need to 'go'
I'm always let out.
I bark and bark and bark.
I hate this. I have to 'go'.
Now i am walking around in my own mess.
I am soaked in pee and crap. Its on my belly,
its between my toes.
I'm so hungry and thirsty.
I don't know how long I've been here.
I crouch in the back of this place.
No one bothers with me.
Sometimes they throw buckets of water in to 'wash' the floor.
I'm always wet.
I'm always cold and hungry.
I do nothing I tremble and I can't stop it.
I shake all the time.
I'm so sad. I'm so miserable.
What did I do?
Where is my family?
I'm lost and all alone.....
I have no one.

Before you hand your dog into a rescue. Walk around, check out evry kennel. If you are refused entry. TAKE YOUR DOG HOME!!
Look at the surroundings. How clean is it? Look at the dogs.
Don't hand your dog over to anyone without seeing where its going.
Photos are from Woofles Animal 'rescue'. Saw for myself yesterday. Shocking!!

When we first took photos at woofles on the 19th Dec 2017 and they were posted, any reasonable minded person would have got their act together and maybe have a clean up?? Obviously Caroline Pitt isn't bothered at all. I would draw everyone's attention to the following: this goes to environmental at Blaenau Gwent County Council and the RSPCA that there are laws governing the disposal of waste. i.e. animal excreta. Arrangements must be made with the waste collection authority or waste management contractor authorised for the purposes of duty of care, for removal of waste from the establishment under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This does NOT mean that skips are to be used and filled to overflowing, where the excrement is there for so long that it is liquidated and overflowing on to the land where the dogs are let out. Also that food/water bowls are to be washed and cleaned daily.

There is no running water at woofles. There is a pipe which comes through the wall, (see photo) and this is discharged onto the area where the dogs are let out.
Under the most very basic of cleaning, the act states that all solids should be removed. Kennels should be washed down. Disinfectant should be used. The floors MUST BE DRIED after cleaning. Every kennel floor was soaking. The beds were soaking. The dogs were wet on their legs and bellys.
When we walked into the 2 blocks which we allowed access to by Dennis, the smell of urine knocks you out. Our eyes were smarting when we exited the kennels.
There is a bad infestation of rats, (see photos). The rat holes are right by the reception and we had to step over rat shit to get into the kennels. There are open drains in the kennels, which empty into goodness knows where as there is no drainage system there. This place should never have been allowed to be opened as a training kennels or anything else without it FULLY complying with sanitary conditions.
Shame on the planning dept for not looking into the matter properly all those years ago.

if you disagree I'm not bothered, thank God we live in a democratic country with free speech. Voice your opinions of me and my stand. Jog on

If you don't want to make a stand for the animals, go and get your own banner to wave, and stand behind that!!