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ZERO FIREWORKS CAMPAIGN to Stop Fireworks and the Sale of Them in Los Angeles County

Most people in Los Angeles County either have animals or care about animals and are tired of animals and people being terrorized by fireworks.  People are disgusted by the risks to life and limb; their homes and neighborhoods catching on fire; stress especially to children, animals and those suffering from PTSD; the pollution to our environment, and waste of our limited water resources because of fires started by fireworks and malfunctioning manufacture of them.  The fire and police departments want them to stop as well.

Some charities and organizations and even the county choose to profit from the sale of fireworks.

SOLUTION:  There are 100's of thousands of other ways to raise funds.

Excuses are being made that there isn't enough manpower to cite those shooting off fireworks in unincorporated areas where it is a misdemeanor ($500-1000 fine) for the first offense, or a felony (up to $5,000 fine) for the second offense.

SOLUTION: Get more manpower, use drones, get undercover volunteers to videotape the offenders.

Other excuses are that "you can't cite the offenders unless you actually witness the person lighting the fuse".

SOLUTION: Change the law so that the homeowner/renter gets the citation. Then the people at the fireworks party can't say they didn't do it, didn't see who did it, etc. If the homeowner gets the citation, no matter who is setting off fireworks, then things will stop real quick. Take their excuses away!

If it is against the law, then it is against the law.  Stop letting them off with a slap on the hand and letting them win!

Then there's the issue of public stands where fireworks are sold.  DO NOT ALLOW THIS.  It really confuses the people that drive by and then go home to the illegal unincorporated areas, and they conveniently use this as an excuse to set off all kinds of fireworks.  

SOLUTION:  Let them sell American flags instead!!

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. SHARE. HELP US GET 100,000 SIGNATURES TO ANTONOVICH'S OFFICE RIGHT AWAY BEFORE THE NEXT FIREWORKS SHOT OFF THREATENS ALL OF US. I heard that the Mayor and Antonovich say that they are animal lovers, after all.  Then let's get them on our side to stop this ridiculous form of entertainment.

SOLUTION:  Let's have a picnic in the park with our dogs without fireworks from now on.  Watch fireworks on TV or the Internet or have them shown in movie theaters!

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