Ban Animal Rights Activists from ALL Wetlands during the Victorian Duck Seasons.

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Animal Rights Activists and Coalition Against Duck Shooting members obtain Firearm Licenses and Game Licences to legally be allowed to harass and hinder law abiding Duck Hunters.

Animal Rights Activists and Coalition Against Duck Shooting members then take images and videos of hunters and distort those for self gain in their fight to have Duck Hunting Banned in Victoria.

It is a offence against 140A (1) of the Firearms Act to wilfully supply false or misleading information when applying for a firearm license.

These people are obtaining Game Licenses through Game Management Authority and could be potentially posing as hunters during the season to ensure they can compile evidence to submit to the Government. 

They have a right to protest and hold their own views but this should not be allowed on the wetlands with the option to portray a hunter.

How can the government be sure that the images and videos published to the public haven’t in fact been made using actors posing as hunters? If they are banned from the wetlands and are unable to obtain Game Licenses this would help ensure the information they submit is legitimate.

Hunters... it is time to make a stand and demand that Game Management Authority and the Law Enforcement take action against the illegal behaviour the Coalition Against Duck Shooting team members and Animal Rights Activists have got away with for too many years.

Game Licences for Hunters ONLY.