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Please Open a Shake Shack in Rhode Island

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Shake Shack is delicious and I am a big fan of their shroom burgers. Sometimes I think how good it would be to have a shroom burger, only to be disappointed because the closest Shake Shack to me is in Boston which I find absurd. 

The people of Rhode Island deserve a Shake Shack and it makes sense for Shake Shack to open a location in Rhode Island. 

Newport, Rhode Island has an estimated 3,500,000 visitors annually. I'm sure at least like, 250,000 of them like shroom burgers too. 

Providence, Rhode Island is home to five universities. Do you know what university students love? Shroom burgers. That is what. 

The fact there is not a Shake Shack in Rhode Island makes me think Shake Shack either hates money, or hates Rhode Islanders. Hating money is a poor business plan and hating Rhode Islanders is dumb. Religious freedom? Thank you Rhode Island. The Bill of Rights? Rhode Island was pretty keen on that. Academy Award Winning Actress Viola Davis and Daytime Emmy Award Winning Journalist Meredith Vieira? Rhode Islanders. How do you think they'd feel if they knew of Shake Shack's tyranny against Rhode Islanders? They probably wouldn't be very pleased. 

Shake Shack would be beneficial to the Rhode Island community's hungry tummies and the Rhode Island community would be beneficial to Shake Shack's bottom line. To quote Gwyneth Paltrow, (probably not a fan of shroom burgers but you never know not that it matters because she doesn't live in Rhode Island) it's all easy


Please - I really just want a shroom burger. Thank you. :) 

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