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This petition was directly inspired by an article written by Bill Mckibben named  "A Strategy to Stop the Funding Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline". 

Now although you may not be able to directly take part in the peaceful protests at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on North Dakota. You can be anywhere on this globe, and still take a direct and nonviolent declaration of change. 

To sign this petition is to show your commitment of action and to validate your resignation from any listed banks that support the Dakota Access Pipeline. (List is at the bottom of petition)

We have now made some progress with being confronted with who actually made this invasion of indigenous land, and further exploitation of natural resources possible. The evidence is clear, our banks are funding such destruction. 

"Most Americans live far from the path of the Dakota Access pipeline—they won’t be able to visit the encampments on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation where representatives of more than 200 tribes have come together in the most dramatic show of force of this environmental moment. They won’t be able to participate in the daily nonviolent battle along the Missouri River against a $3.7 billion infrastructure project that threatens precious water and myriad sacred sites, not to mention the planet’s unraveling climate." Says Mckibben,

 " In fact, virtually every name in the financial pantheon has extended credit in some form to the Dakota pipeline project, according to a remarkable dossier assembled by the organization Food and Water Watch. It shows a credit line of $10.25 billion (that’s a b) for the companies directly involved in building the project—from 38 banks—a list of names that, the group adds, “might give you flashbacks to the 2007 financial crisis.” 

Now we all can attest I am sure, everyone who has read this petition thus far can at least agree to the obvious fact that we, as humans, have found every and any way to avoid and ignore the needs and resources beautiful mother earth and her inhabitants are to thrive off of.But we as the people, who won't pretend any longer to be blinded from what is important. Financial banks, Militarized police, and not forget to mention both U.S presidential candidates, are all in for protecting the increase accumulation of profits than the protection, safety and health of indiginious families, the earths continuous decrease of resources, and everyone else who is affected directly or indirectly by these oil pipelines.

To read the article written by Author, Educator, and Activist Bill Mckibben 

“Oil companies are always going to drill for oil and build pipelines—it's why they exist,” says RAN’s Scott Parkin. “But the banks funding this pipeline have a choice as to where they put their money. Right now, Citibank, TD Bank, and others have chosen to invest in a project that violates indigenous rights and destroys the climate.. "

".. That is to say: At this point anyone who finances any fossil fuel infrastructure is attempting to make money on the guaranteed destruction of the planet."

Bill Mckibben of could not have stated this any clearer, "But it’s probably sustained public pressure that will do the most good."

And just as the great ghandi once said "be the change you want to see in the world." 

Here is a list of all Cooperate and Financial Banks directly supporting Dakota Access PipeLines 

Bank of Nova Scotia
Citizens Bank
Comerica Bank
US Bank
PNC Bank
JP Morgan Chase
Bank of America
Deutsche Bank
Compass Bank
Credit Suisse
DNB Capital/ASA
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
Royal Bank of Canada
Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley
Community Trust
Wells Fargo
BNP Paribas
Royal Bank of Scotland
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ
Mizuho Bank
TD Securities
ABN Amro Capital
Credit Agracole
Intesa Sanpaolo
ING Bank
BBVA Securities
DNB First Bank
ICBC London
SMBC Nikko Securities
Societe Generale

So please, close your bank account if you bank with any listed here, let them know why you don't want to further support them any longer. Join hundreds who have already made this choice.

Sign this petition to raise awareness. Sign this petition once you have made the ethical and compassionate choice to choose a more sustainable representative that has your interested at heart. 



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