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  • Dear Mr Hunt I am writing for you to make it a "National Right to Life" for a Public Inquiry into the withdrawal of fluids & treatments on patients on our hospital wards....tactics used in The End of Life Care Plan....which is being misused on the wrong patients in our hospitals targeting vulnerable people including the elderly, & people who lack Mental Capacity.
  • Formerly known as "The Liverpool Care Pathway" developed for terminally Ill patients in Hospices, End of Life Care has perpetuated many of its worst practices allowing patients to suffer days of dehydration under heavy sedation, leaving them unable to ask for food or drink on our hospital wards leading to horrible undignified deaths.

Many patients are wrongly put onto End of Life Care instead of minor issues being treated especially if they are deemed to be "too old", all done clearly to save money due to the cost the elderly are putting onto the system ignoring their "Right to Life". This elderly generation have worked all their working lives paying more Taxes & National Insurance Contributions towards the NHS longer than any other generation!!!

This leads me onto my father the late David James, who was a fit & healthy 68 year old talented musician from Liverpool who played on one of Liverpool's clubs just 3 days before driving himself into our local hospital Aintree NHS Trust with stomach pains. After examination by a bowel consultant he was diagnosed with constipation the hospital admitted him into hospital until bowel function resumed.

What should have been a 2 night stay in hospital turned out to be 8 months on CCU!!!.  

We are the family who was at the centre of "The Right to Life" Case in 2012 in The Royal Courts of Justice as the hospital wanted to withdraw treatments 3 weeks after dad was admitted because in their words "he was dying". There was never a diagnosis into what made him critically ill all we know is dad had caught Hospital Acquired Pneumonia within 48 hours of him being admitted into Aintree Hospital then Sepsis resulting from it, which kept him in hospital where he ended up severely dehydrated, kidney failure, & critically ill after just 3 weeks!

The hospital wanted to withdraw all treatments 3 days after dad's admission onto CCU without an explanation why or what happened to him. We felt intimidated as the Hospital tried to get us to agree with them to stop treatments telling us treatments were "futile". We couldn't agree with them so they took us to a Court of Protection in dad's "Best Interests" where doctors admitted he was on "End of Life Care". But we won the case as Judgement was passed that "treatments were not futile & dad still had a Quality of Life Worth Living".

The hospital unfortunately later appealed in The Appeals Court & got the decision overturned for the right to stop all treatments dad sadly passed away December 31st 2012.

One of our main questions & concerns is Why were doctors so intent on withdrawing all treatments after just 3 weeks of admitting dad, telling us he was dying when he wasn't (he actually lived a further 7 months) & putting him onto End of Life Care after he caught a hospital aquired infection/pneumonia which turned into Sepsis causing Acute Kidney Injury.

In 2013 the case went into The Supreme Court as The Appeals Court had got the Law wrong in its reasoning. The Supreme Court ruled The Court of Protection had got the law right & that treatments were not "futile" so the "Precedence" Aintree Hospital had tried to set giving permission for all CCU in hospitals the right to withdraw life saving treatments if they thought were "futile" was stopped in The Supreme Court hearing. We were praised as a family & judgement was passed that we were right to have challenged the doctors to carry on treatments as they were not "futile". As a result part of The Mental Capacity Act was then changed for people who lacked Capacity & re-written in the DMG that "doctors must listen to families wishes in decisions on life saving treatments " This judgement has been passed in the Highest Court in the land but many over 65s are being admitted into our hospitals & are ending up severely dehydrated.... a tactic used in End of Life Care....no matter what they are admitted into hospital with.

I am asking for a Review to be done "On how Dehydration...a tactic of End of Life Care is being practiced on our hospital wards wrongly " & for legislation to be passed as Law that families wishes must be considered in decision making when a patient lacks Capacity as a "National Right to Life" to be known as "Davey's Law" as there are so many people dying in hospitals of Avoidable Deaths.

It is now coming up to 5 years since dad died & we still don't know why or what happened to him. We have had no Apology for what happened or an Apology for the way we were treated as a family by the hospital. We need clarity & accountability into the factors that led up to dad's death. 

Our NHS Complaint has been passed to 2 Chief Executives of Aintree Hospital, to the NHS Ombudsman, the Coroner has been involved, but no one has effectively helped us with it.

If Aintree hospital has done nothing wrong why can't they answer our questions for us to have closure? This whole experience has totally devastated our family!!! My father went into hospital with no life threatening illness just CONSTIPATION to end up 8 months as a patient then dying on a CCU Ward because the doctors got permission to withdraw treatments without any explanation of what happened to him in the care of their hospital.

We as a family don't wish this to happen to any other family this is why I have set up this petition. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is ordering an annual review on avoidable deaths in hospitals investigating patients case notes. I am requesting for him to investigate into my father's case notes of when he was a patient at Aintree Hospital from 5th May 2012 to 31st December 2012 as part of this review to try to help us & the public understand & come to terms with what lead up to my father's avoidable death & to hopefully learn from it for it to never happen again!

It is in the  public interest to act on what I am asking in this petition as our Court of Protection case was a High Profile Landmark Case which ruled that life saving treatments "were not futile" for my father when doctors were telling us they were "futile" How many other families are getting told this also? My petition's aim is to help other familiies from being put through what we've had to endure also to help prevent other avoidable deaths with patients who get admitted into hospital with minor things then end up Severely Dehydrated....on End of Life Care within weeks!

I am not disputing The End of Life Care plan as it is suitable for terminally ill patients, but I am disputing how it is being used.... it is clearly getting misused on "the wrong patients" on hospital wards as comments from families across the Country attached to my petition show. These families feel needless deaths are happening especially with the elderly.

 We as a family & the public are left devastated, confused, & in total disbelief into how patients are ending up severely dehydrated on wards...an End Of Life Care Tactic & feel an Inquiry into it would be beneficial to help prevent further avoidable deaths.

It is everyones Human Right to receive treatments in hospitals its what doctors sign up to " The Hyppocratic Oath" for saving lives!. Im also requesting for a meeting with Mr Hunt to hand this petition in person. I believe this is in the public's best interests for this petition to be dealt with accordingly as what happened to my dad can happen to any one of us!!! Thankyou ..... Julie

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