Stop the distribution of polythene bags to carry parshad inside Golden Temple premises.

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Every day one lakh people visit Golden Temple, Amritsar  to pay their obeisance at the Sikh Temple. These devotees offer Karah-Parshad at the Temple that is served in bio-degradable bowls made of leaves and then they are given polythene bags to carry the parshad back home. The sole purpose of using biodegradable bowls gets defeated as this polythene bag would become garbage minutes after it is distributed and then would take 1000 years to get decomposed. Plastic is already causing havoc to the environment and I believe devotees of such a pious place i.e. Golden Temple should not contribute to such a sin as it even goes against the tenets of Sikhism. Therefore, I urge SGPC to kindly have this practice halted and I also urge the devotees not to indulge in this activity.  We all need to think of an environmentally sustainable alternative to save our planet.