Sewage pumping Station, Hailey park: Request for planning committee decision

Sewage pumping Station, Hailey park: Request for planning committee decision

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Why this petition matters

Started by Stephanie Wilkins

Currently the planning application decision will be made by planning officers behind closed doors. Unless we submit a petition, the decision to grant planning permission on Hailey park will not be taken by Cardiff Council planning committee in an open, transparent forum where residents and elected councillors can speak.

By submitting this petition, the application will be called before a full planning committee where the public can observe and speak.

Re: Planning application 21/02608/MNR: Construction of sewage pumping Station and associated compound within Hailey park. 

Petition: Request for a decision to be made at Cardiff Council planning committee, taking the local community’s views into proper and full consideration. 

We the undersigned object to the above planning application  for the following reasons,

1.      Cardiff council has not consulted with, or sought agreement from, residents and park users on any change/alteration to our amenity. 

2.      Although Welsh Water has held two public information sessions (16th Nov 10-12am and 22nd Nov 1-3pm), residents who work have not been able to participate. (We note that Welsh Water have arranged a third session on 7th Dec 4-6pm, but this scheduled meeting will not allow people to make informed comments on the application before the closing date. This is unfair and exclusionary.)

We request that the planning application is called before Cardiff council planning committee to enable a thorough, public examination of the facts, for residents’ views to be heard, and enable any concerns to be addressed. 



623 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!