Receive a public apology from Samantha Armytage, on behalf of Network 7 and herself.

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On the 13th March 2018, comments regarding the adoption of Indigenous children within state care, to 'white' families. Sunrise; a controversial and predominately right wing breakfast show, known for making insensitive and ignorant comments regarding minorities, had a discussion within a segment called 'Hot Topic', about David Gillespie's remarks regarding relaxing the cultural assessment guidelines of the Australian adoption process. This segment had two 'social commentators', Prue MacSween and Ben Davis, accompanied by Samantha Armytage (Sunrise Host). The segment opened with Armytage, asking the question if Indigenous children should be adopted out to 'white' families? Continuing on to state false information on a nation platform:

"A federal government minister has suggested white families be allowed to adopt abused Aboriginal children to save them from rape, assault and neglect."

"Currently, they can only be placed with relatives or other Indigenous families, but Children’s Minister, David Gillespie, says relaxing the rules is a better alternative to creating an abandoned or damaged generation."

The conversation continued on, to where the two 'social commentators made such outlandish comments speaks to the racial stereotyping evident today, as well as over 100 years ago when the White Australia Policy was first introduced:

Prue began the discussion by saying it was a “no-brainer” for Aboriginal children to be removed.

“Just like the first Stolen Generation where a lot of children were taken because it was for their well-being, we need to do it again,” she said.

Ben Davis then states:

“Good on David Gillespie for standing up and saying what a lot of politicians are afraid to say because of the fear of being labelled ‘racist’. I mean, it’s political correct nonsense, it’s gotta go,” he said.

“We need to be protecting kids, we need to be protecting Aboriginal kids, and putting them back into that culture. What culture are they growing up and seeing? Well, they’re getting abused, they’re getting hurt, and they’re getting damaged,” Davis continued.

The policies of removal introduced during the turn of the 20th Century contributed to generation(s) of loss identity, culture, language, community, and most importantly, loss of family. The atrocities that our Elder's of past faced, as well as, the ongoing reality that our youth face is something that should not be sensationalized for the benefits of a national broadcasting company. This kind of behaviour from media powers is unacceptable. The constant negative depiction of Indigenous people influence the views of the wider public and disadvantage Indigenous people holistically. The segment and the remarks made by your employee, as well as, your two 'social commentators were insensitive, offensive, unsubstantiated and defaming. We request a formal public apology from Samantha Armytage, on behalf of herself and the Seven Network for these comments. On behalf of all Indigenous peoples throughout, please sign and support our petition.