Set up "Centre for Classical Studies" for translation of Indian Classical text.

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India is a cultural nation rather than just a geographical landmass. Its history date back thousands of years and during this period different ideas were generated by philosophers ,thinkers and writers and were scripted in form of lakhs of classical works.

These works are priceless heritage and the bases of our unity in diversity.Also have immense importance and influence on past, present and future generation.

In present times, western ideas of nationalism are being imposed on us rather than evolving our own indigenous philosophy of nationhood which makes it more important to translate these classical works in different Indian languages namely Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Bangla, Marathi, Assamese, Odiya and several others and research work must also be encourage on them. For example, some of the prominent works like of Shri Shankar Dev Ji from Assam,Shri Thiruvalluvar Ji from Tamil Naidu, Shri Samarth Ram Das Ji from Maharashtra etc must be translated in all Indian languages.

Indian literature and languages are already recognised as one of the most scientific languages in the world, the Government of India must consider conceptualising an institution/centre which could also be established in reputed universities in foreign countries. An institutionalised initiative will mark an international presence of Indian language, literature and civilisational culture.

My request is for Government of India to setup a "Centre for Classical Studies" ,starting  with 4 regional centre in every corner of India. This will ease the flow of Indian Ideas and help India in its philosophical dignity and global endeavours.