Stop the closing down of the National museum of Oriental art in Rome!

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Once again, the Italian Government is penalising culture and art, committing a crime towards the artistic heritage of the country!  

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage has, as a matter of fact, decided to close the National museum of Oriental Arts, established in 1957 in the heart of Rome, in Palazzo Brancaccio, home to the most important Italian Oriental pieces of art. During the 90’s the building underwent intensive renovation that cost about 2 billion, concealed fresco’s and furniture were brought back to life, making the building itself a masterpiece and the perfect location for the art collection. 

About 40.000 objects from all over a vast area going from India to Japan, from China to Korea, are kept here. These are immensely important pieces on a National and European scale, because of the quantity but also because of the quality and variety displayed; most recently, precious works of art from Tibet and Nepal, of incalculable value, were added to the collection. As a whole this archeological collection spans from a period of time that goes from the III century B.C. to today: statues of Buddha, Bodhisattva, reliefs from Gandhara depicting moments of his life. These cultural assets are closely related to the history of Italian scientific research in Asia, as well as the life and work of Giuseppe Tucci (1894-1984); internationally renowned orientalist whose heirs donated his entire body of work to the museum.

Instead of promoting this heritage – that could potentially be a source of income to Italy and to the Italians, if managed and enhanced correctly - the Ministry of Cultural Heritage (MIbact) has decided to move the museum from its original headquarters in the Esquiline area of Rome to the EUR district, where only a minor part of the collection would be exhibited, because of the smaller space available; this would break apart the collection definitively.

In any other country this heritage would be protected, appreciated and enhanced with a significant economic return. The Italian Government has instead chosen to not even try, despite having the largest number of directors, who are also better paid than anywhere else in the world (a high ranking Director earns about as much as the President).

Share this appeal to avoid the further act perpetrated against italian artistic and cultural heritage!

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