Septic Systems & the push to Restore our Wekiwa Springs & the Wekiva River

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Thank-you for taking the time to review and sign this Petition.  Households Statewide WILL be affected by the MANDATORY conversions, beginning July 1, 2018.  FDOH & County Governments MUST hear our collective voices and provide non-electrically powered options, whether Septic Systems (which are already commercially available & shown to reduce Nitrogen levels at the Target Percentages BMAP's are seeking) or Sewer conversions.

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As Floridians and Residents of Lake, Orange & Seminole Counties, we all care deeply about the Quality of Water in our Springs, Rivers, Lakes & Oceans.  It is for this reason that much effort (years of meetings & discussions, numerous studies & countless reports) has been dedicated toward maintaining, or if identified as impaired (as Wekiwa Springs currently is), restoring these waters to an Outstanding Florida Springs status.  To that end, a requirement has been put in place to have a BMAP (Basin Management Action Plan - 27 BMAP's Statewide including Wekiwa BMAP) for water quality restoration (required by Florida Law Section 403.067(7) & Section 403.0675, Florida Statutes) which will become effective July 1, 2018 with a 20-year implementation plan.

NOTE: The Wekiwa BMAP may be used as a template for ALL 27 BMAP's, affecting 2.5 MILLION households STATEWIDE!

The main thrust is the reduction of Nitrogen (secondary thrust is the reduction of Phosphates) reaching the Springs from all sources, with a large percentage identified as coming from existing Septic Systems (Onsite Septic Treatment Disposal Systems - OSTDS's).  [71% Other Sources; 29% OSTDS's.]  To accomplish this reduction, the Wekiva BMAP will mandate 1) - no new non-enhanced OSTDS's be installed and 2) - any existing OSTDS's will not be issued any repair permits when needed, but instead would require A) - connection to sewer, or if sewer is not an available option, B) - replacement with an Advanced OSTDS.  While the debate continues as to whether these steps will or will not accomplish the intended goal of reducing the Total Nitrogen (TN) and Total Phosphates (TP) at Wekiwa Springs, beginning July 1, 2018 the plan will go into effect.

This Petition focuses on 1) - which replacement OSTDS's would be on the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) approved list, as FDOH is the Governmental body (each County has their own FDOH) that issues OSTDS permits for either new systems, or repair of existing systems. or if 2) - connecting to sewer, which type of connection would be used.

Currently, FDOH has only approved Advanced OSTDS's that require electrical power supplied by the home to function, which means, any household that would experience a loss of power would lose the ability to "process" wastewater.  Although less expensive, non-electric septic alternatives are commercially available and are certified to achieve the required 65% nitrogen reduction, FDOH has not approved them for use as a BMAP replacement/upgrade choice.     

Regarding connection to sewer, if available: there are 2 types of sewer connections: 1) - Gravity Fed (no electrical power necessary) and 2) - Low Pressure Sewer (referred to as "Grinder" or "STEP", which does require electrical power).

Any solution that requires electricity, whether electrically powered grinder sewers or advanced septic systems, lowers property values, does not function in severe weather events, impacts how families must live, and is subject to frequent mechanical failure. Your health, your finances, your property and your property values are at risk.

Please take a moment to "sign" this Petition, no matter which side-of-the-fence you may be yourself, your Neighbors, and all Residents of Lake, Orange and Seminole Counties ensure that lower cost, non-powered options are available, while at the same time ensuring Wekiwa Springs receives the help it needs to restore it to Outstanding Florida Springs status.


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