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Let's Get Sephora to stop Animal Testing

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Why we don't need animal testing: 

"There are over 7,000 safe ingredients that cosmetic companies can choose from to formulate their products. These ingredients don’t need to be tested on animals, because they’ve already been proven to be safe.
There are several alternative methods available today, and they make animal testing completely obsolete. Technology is awesome and allows us to use in-vitro testing, computer models or even to replicate real human organs on microchips. Let’s spare the millions of animals and use this new technology.
Animal toxicity tests are not scientifically meaningful. The surprising reality is that, for medical research as well as cosmetic ingredients, the results aren’t accurate. This is because humans and animals are genetically different.
Animal abuse laws don’t apply to laboratory animals. This double standard has no real basis. Animal abuse is animal abuse, and all animals can experience pain and suffering.
Governments all over the world have already banned animal testing for cosmetics. This has been the case in the European Union, Norway, Isreal (Palestine), and India — and many other countries are considering a ban."

Sephora is one of the biggest brands in cosmetics, and getting them to turn vegan and cruelty-free will be a huge game-changer. Animal testing is inhumane and not needed. If you sign this petition we would be able to get the message across to Sephora that you don't need to test on animal and that they will still get money without it.


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