We do NOT support HACHR in Humboldt County!

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I do not support HACHR and any organization or political figure that does support HACHR for the following
*HACHR has played a direct part to the unprecedented amount of “needle litter” we are finding all over our
parks, beaches, forests, playgrounds, streets and other public spaces.
*HACHR does not want to comply with any type of needle ordinance that may restrict the amount of needles
that get handed out.
*Due to the needle litter that HACHR has created, now the everyday citizen (adults & children) and animals are
now susceptible to everything a “Needle Exchange” program was suppose to prevent. We are now susceptible
to Hepatitis, HIV, and other needle-borne diseases.
*In our small county of 120,000 people, HACHR is passing out, on average 27,000-39,000 needles a month!
This is based on their own reporting.
*HACHR can not be relied upon in any way to give accurate reporting on their needle exchange program. This
is based on their own numbers. HACHR is claiming they are getting 114%-149% return rate on their exchange
program. The highest national average is 92% with the average being 74%. If they are getting 74%-92% then
that means there are 2,000 to 10,000 needles a month being littered on the street. That is too much!
*HACHR does not participate in any community lead cleanups.
*The needle problem went from a small problem to a major problem since they started in 2015.
*HACHR is destroying our towns with needle litter and keeping people on drugs. Keeping people hooked on
drugs only heightens the criminal element tied to getting these drugs (physical violence, break-ins, robberies,
etc.). Drug dealers are profiting off HACHR’s needle exchange program.
*HACHR is completely unwilling to listen to the communities concerns and modify their program with the
communities concerns in mind.
*The whole point of a Needle Exchange program is to reduce the exposure to used needles. However our
exposure to used needles has SIGNIFICANTLY increased since HACHR began handing out needles. This is
due to the thousands of needles that are littered throughout our country every month. It has become a
If you support HACHR, that means you support their out of control needle handout program and their
unwillingness to listen to the public and make the necessary changes that creates harm reduction for ALL.
Furthermore, by signing this petition, we (law abiding citizens) vow to NOT support any organization or political
figure that supports HACHR, until HACHR can make the necessary changes that the majority of the public
supports to create HARM REDUCTION FOR ALL.

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