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Should puppy mills be banned in the United States?

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What is a puppy mill?

 A puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding factility where people value profit over the well-being of a dog. Animals placed in puppy mills are often in tightly packed rooms that have horrible hygiene conditions.  They are put in cages made of wire from bottom to the top. This causes them to have injuries in their paws and legs. Female dogs in this puppy mill system will breed with other animals almost straight after delivery. That means they do not have much recovery time.  Puppy mill puppies are puppies born from this system. They can be taken from their mothers from as young as eight weeks old. This causes them to have many behavioral problems such as fear and anxiety. Since profit is the main concern, they do not worry about any genetic factors such as disorders or diseases. Often times puppies are delivered to their new families with many health problems.  There is estimated to be about 10,000 puppy mills in America today. According to the ASPCA, “In most cases, the standards that breeders are required to meet by law are extremely minimal. Under the AWA, it is legal to keep a dog in a cage only 6 inches longer than the dog in each direction, with a wire floor, stacked on top of another cage, for a dog’s entire life. Conditions that most people would consider inhumane, or even cool, often legal.”   So why should we take a stand?  We should take a stand because if we don’t do anything about this problem, no one will. This means that it is our responsibility to put a stop to this unfair treatment of dogs.  California, a state that has been rumored to be setting new laws to ban puppy mills, should be an example for all other states. They are the first to approach the problem of puppy mills. If we follow in their example, soon there will be no more puppy mills.  Matt Bershadker,  President and CEO of the American so she Asian for the prevention of cruelty to animals, told business insider:” this landmark law breaks the puppy mill supply chain that pushes puppies into California pet store and has allowed on unscrupulous  breeders to profit from abuse practices.” Banning puppy mills well help animals in the system. The longer we push this issue off, the more dogs that will be affected. As a way  to help spread awareness about puppy mills and the importance of banning them,  you should sign this petition. I hope that from raising awareness about puppy mills, an official will see this to set stronger laws on puppy mill systems and ban them across the United States.

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