Support Medical Cannabis For North Carolina

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We the people of North Carolina have watched 28 states legalize Medical Cannabis.Thats more than half of the US.  There is an opiate epidemic in NC, and other drug use, and I have read in many of these states they have done studies about the reduction of Overdoses & the Opiate Use since the legalization of the cannabis. By 26%-28% in many states.Thats HUGE! We know Cannabis treats chronic pain, seizures, Cancer, Anxiety, MS, There has been breakthru's for Altherizers with it also. It is the only plant on Earth that has cannabionoids that directly link to our body's that have endocannabinoids. That is why it heals so many different diseases. We the people of North Carolina deserve a safe and non-pharmacutical option for treatment. Lets face it, They ( The pharmacutical industry)  created this Opiate epidemdic for greed, with no concern for the safety of how it effects our lives. They have become rich, and NC has to clean up the mess of people with addictions, and STILL in pain.  We that suffer from chronic pain ( I myself from Fibro, and neck & Back problem) should have the right to a better quality of life. Here is another study from Mexico with patients giving up their Opiates after starting cannabis :

Medical Cannabis and Reduced Prescription Use
In a soon-to-be published article in the *Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, University of New Mexico researchers, in 
collaboration with Industrial Rehabilitation Clinics of Albuquerque, followed patients who enrolled voluntarily in the New Mexico state medical cannabis program and found that they significantly reduced their utilization of scheduled prescription medications in the months following enrollment.
All prescriptions for scheduled medications must be reported to the New Mexico Prescription Monitoring Program with opiates and benzodiazepines being the two most common. Based on these prescription records, patients enrolled in the medical cannabis program reduced the monthly average number of prescriptions, types of prescriptions (drug classes), number of prescribers, and number of related pharmacy visits.
Seventy one percent of medical cannabis program enrollees either ceased or reduced their use of scheduled prescriptions within six months of enrolling.
While other studies on medical cannabis have looked at similar state-level outcomes, this study is the first to take the approach of examining individual patients throughout their enrollment in the medical cannabis program and comparing those patients to a comparison group of similar patients who did not enroll in the medical cannabis program. 
The findings of this study indicate that once a patient enrolls in the medical cannabis program there is an increased likelihood that the patient will decrease their usage of scheduled medications. These medications include many drugs of abuse such as opiates, benzodiazepines, and sleeping medications. Opiates in particular are in the public discourse because of the danger of overdose, addiction and death.

Please consider giving us the right to chose a healthy alternative herb opposed to drugs. It's time. Not to mention the revenue it would bring our great state. Thank you! 


Rhonda McConahy