Modern Day Nurses' Face "Life Sentence" In Ohio

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Dear Lawmakers & Nurse Colleagues.

Many of you may not be aware of the excessive cruel practices that have been implemented by each state’s Board of Nursing (BON) for decades. Specifically, thousands of nurses in Ohio have faced disciplinary action from their Board of Nursing and often find themselves ostracized from the profession even after they have met Board of Nursing requirements of their respective state. The nursing profession is a profession where one aspires to nurture. However, thousands upon thousands of nurses across the nation that have found themselves in sundry situations are often not recipients of that caring nurturing quality of the nursing profession itself.

The Board of Nursing’s primary responsibility is to protect the public. A tremendous task that they have done well. However, their administrative authority with no checks and balances far exceeds their egregious practices that keep nurses with restricted licenses each year from securing gainful employment even with reinstated licenses. Most nurses have spent their lives giving and serving the public and as in any profession some have made mistakes that have resulted in BON sanctions. 

Nurses that are sanctioned are not given the opportunity to start over. The restrictions in most states remain on a nurse's license indefinitely even if she/he have satisfied the board’s requirements. Many employers won’t hire nurses with restricted licenses even though they have reinstated valid licenses. Essentially, their licenses are reinstated only to be further restricted and keep the nurse on probation “indefinitely” with the Board of Nursing for each state across the nation. Unfortunately, it is very disheartening that countless nurses may face discipline at the discretion of the board each year with no consideration of their lively hood after one mistake. This could include a DUI received while not on duty and admission of it at the time of license renewal or being subjected to investigation after one has been reported to the BON and found to have a mental health issue or mental health crisis.

On behalf of nurses in Ohio and across the nation I am hoping that each of you would consider this cause a meaningful one and join in solidarity by signing this petition so that legislation can be passed that would put an end to a sanctioned nurse's "life sentence" to the Board of Nursing’s outdated regulations; leaving a permanent mark or scarlet letter on a nurse's license with no opportunity for restoration. 

The BON only has as much power as we allow them to have. Do we continue in fear and apathy thinking this can only happen to some of us? Nurses make up 15% of the landscape of our nation’s employment sector. Most nurses are registered voters. According to the bureau of labor statistics the employment projection for nurses in 2016 was 2,955,200 and in 2026 will be 3,393,200. Considering that our renewal fees and fines account for the majority of the BON salaries it only makes sense that we are a part of the process. The bureau of labor statistics predicts that the shortage of nurses in Ohio will increase to 3,500 in 2020. Would there be a shortage if nurses were allowed to regain there status in the workforce? Do we continue to suffer in silence? Our silence means that we passively agree. Only through proactive measures will our voices be heard. 

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

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