accountability for no consent in surgery violations

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I am starting a petition regarding Consent for Surgery and accountability. We want to see an end to Surgical Battery.  I would like to see change which will protect the people of our community and their civil rights. We have had many soldiers fight and die for our very rights which are being taken away by doctors who are granted criminal immunity even in the heinous act of surgical battery and continue to pose a danger to our community. The petition is going to be regarding surgical consent and unauthorized treatment and accountability to the surgeons.

We want a police investigation to be mandatory in all cases regarding surgical battery. 

I would like to explain types of unwanted and unauthorized treatment and ideas for change. 

Medical battery is when a health care provider forces treatment on an unwilling person this can be from surgery or other medical treatment. Surgical and medical battery are the ultimate and egregious violation.of human right. There is no excuse and there should be no tolerance. 

Here are some changes we would like to see take place as far as this coming to an end and holding doctors accountable who commit this violation. .

In cases of no consent. No tolerance for  intentionally violating a patients consent and providing unwanted treatment. This should warrant a permanent license suspension and ability to practice as well as a police investigation and possibility or jail, fines, etc. 

In cases of accidental battery such as wrong site surgery or wrong limb. License review, fines, permanent or temporary suspension of license and ability to practice, etc. 

In cases which a patient has signed a consent form which includes the possibility of additional treatment which in most cases is never discussed with the provider or in which the treatment was entirely unknown to the patient.  There should be clinical evidence to support this treatment is necessary to the procedure or critical to the success of the proposed procedure. Ultimately there should not be surgery on a patient without their knowledge unless the patient advises that they are okay with that. 

The patient should also ALWAYS have the ability to deny any additional procedures they do not want that are elective and not life threatening by asking for a different hospital surgical consent form which the hospital should have if the patient refuses additional treatment.The decision should always remain to the patient in elective surgical procedures.

The benefit to supporting our cause is that this will avoid unecessary unwanted treatment that may provide no benefit to the patient, may only benefit the provider, or where the risks may not support the need. 

Surgical battery effects patients mentally and physically. Often times there is physical harm which can be crippling in the form or muscle, nerve, organ damage or scar tissue, or complications that can be life threatening such as infection. Even if there is no permanent injury victims may feel violated personally or not want the change to their bodies. The community is also in danger when surgeons who commit these violations continue to pose a danger to the community. Often victims of surgical battery have no place to turn for help. They cannot currently go to police and NO investigation is taken place and there may be no recourse . Also the community becomes endangered when surgeons who  perform unauthorized treatment are not disciplined and continue the same actions. 

Please sign if you support the change.. These are our personal and CIVIL rights. It is something worth fighting for. We need accountability and change and we need an end to surgical battery in our community. I want to send this to all the state legislators to support the change as well as to the House and we can start a bill as well. We can ask for it to be law for a police investigation to take place as well as a permanent or temporary license removal and fines , training etc. We demand that there is accountability and proper investigation in these instances. 



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