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Include microstamping in the state budget to save lives

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Every week families across New York are ripped apart by gun violence, the lives of law enforcement officers are put at risk and police departments are left to solve heinous crimes with few leads and little or no useful evidence. Except for shell casings. Shell casings are frequently left at crime scenes where semi-automatic pistols were used. Microstamping will connect those shell casings to the first purchaser of the gun and help police put violent criminals behind bars.

Microstamping is a simple cost effective tool that imprints a unique alpha-numeric code on a shell casing each time a semi-automatic weapon is fired. A microstamped shell casing at a crime scene will help police identify the gun’s first purchaser and begin the investigation process. The sooner law enforcement finds the first valuable evidence at a crime scene, the better the chances of solving the crime. Microstamping is not a panacea, but since 40 percent of homicides remain unsolved nationally, it is a tool that law enforcement needs to increase success.

The personal toll of gun violence on families across New York is horrific and unremitting and made worse when the cases go unsolved and the murderers remain free. The stories are heart wrenching...

"He is the best son that would come on the earth, I will miss him until I die. This death will carry me to my grave."

Desmond Gordon spoke these words the morning after his son Maurice Gordon was shot to death. Tragically, Desmond's prediction came true. Heart sick and stricken with grief, Desmond died on the morning of his son's funeral. One shooting caused two deaths.

But Maurice's killer remains anonymous. Police recovered 25 shell casings in Queens, New York at the crime scene where Maurice was killed. They have not been able to make an arrest in nearly two years. Maurice Gordon's murderer remains free and the Gordon family continues to suffer. With only anonymous shell casings as evidence, the Gordon family is denied justice and closure.

More than 80 police departments in New York support microstamping, we need to stand with them and pass microstamping immediately.

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