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Please Senator Bernie Sanders -- Offer a bill calling for National Universal Health Care.

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Sign the Petition: Please Senator Bernie Sanders -- offer a bill calling for National Universal Health Care. Now!

      During the 2016 primary election season Senator Sanders, you sided with nearly 60% of the American people by supporting universal health coverage. But during the general election and since, you have supported the corporate Democrats and Obamacare. The ACA, as you repeatedly told us during your 2016 campaign, is fatally flawed because it leaves out and bankrupts millions while it stuffs more money into the pockets of the healthcare industry. 
      The single payer bill in the House (HR 676) now has 72 co-sponsors. But it’s a rare single payer supporter in Congress who has mentioned it during the ongoing heated debate over the repeal of Obamacare. No Senator has introduced a similar bill in the Senate.
      Senator Sanders, you have been sending us mixed messages about your intentions on health care in 2017. In the weeks after the 2016 election, your health policy advisor Lori Kearns told us that you would not be introducing your single payer bill because Democratic party "unity" is more important than single payer. (1) Since then, according to an article by Russell Mokhiber, editor of the Washington, D.C.-based Corporate Crime Reporter and founder of Single Payer Action, an aide of yours said that you would introduce a bill but refused to provide any specifics whatsoever. (2) In a CNN town hall with Ted Cruz, you backed down again by failing to even mention single payer in your initial response to small businesswoman LaRonda Hunter. Hunter has just under 50 employees at her hair salons and wants to expand but can't afford the healthcare costs under the ACA that kick in for businesses with 50 or more employees.(3) 
      Senator Sanders, we fear that you may elect to debate on health care in 2017 from a position of weakness and back down before Donald Trump and the Republicans. 
      The New England Journal of Medicine found that about 44,000 would die annually from a full repeal of the ACA, while Obamacare leaves out about 30 million. It is time you make up your mind Senator Sanders. 
      So which will it be: life or death? We know what is in your heart. The polls say you are our most popular politician. Your leadership is desperately needed.  
      The birth of single payer may see the death of the Democratic party. So be it if that is what is needed to help end the culture of death in the United States, for our sickening current health care system represents death and that is what has made our system the laughingstock of the industrialized world. Senator Sanders - have you ever watched someone die or known of someone who died simply because they had no health insurance or had inadequate health insurance? Many of us have. What good is a political party that does not care if its members live or die or suffer in pain and agony?  
      Please Senator Sanders -- stick up for your own principles as you voiced them in your 2016 campaign. Offer a bill in the Senate calling for bona fide National Universal Health Care. It should be constantly submitted so it can be seen to be as normal as the rest of the world sees healthcare. Doing so will make it increasingly difficult to spin the adoption of a fair healthcare system as socialism run amok as the GOP and Dems receiving corporate election contributions would have the public believe. Let the health care debate include a proposal that most people support! 





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